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SANE offers trainings and presentations on many harm reduction topics. Our staff are well trained and experienced in these activities; having conducted hundreds of trainings and presentations throughout the world. Some of the topics available for trainings and/or presentations are:

  • Overdose Prevention, Recognition, & Response

  •  Safer injection, Vein care & Abscess Prevention & Treatment

  •  SAP operations and Satellite Syringe Exchange (SSE)

  •  Methamphetamines, Women and Harm Reduction

  •  Providing Harm Reduction Services to Women

  •  Providing SAP services: “How To” I & II

  •  Harm Reduction, SAP, and SANE

  •  Community-Acquired MRSA


You can request an OD training at the location of your choice, for 2 – 15 folks. Trainings for more than 15 folks are available as well; they just take a bit longer to organize. SANE provides snacks & beverages and awards certificates of completion to those who complete an OD training. Contact any staff member to make arrangements. To arrange for other trainings (e.g. abscesses and vein care) or to request a presentation, contact Rachel at (916) 968-1563.

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