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SANE is a nonprofit and is supported primarily through grants from philanthropic foundations and donations from concerned community members (including other community-based agencies). 


We also receive support from participation in research studies and grants from corporations. 


When local and state governments are committed to their public health responsibilities, we receive support from government public health agencies.


You can help us continue this vital work by donating money, goods, and/or volunteering time & skills that contribute to our efforts. Thank you so much.

Items We Need

If you would like to support our 501C3 nonprofit, please let us know by calling us at 916-397-2434 or click on the DONATE button above. Your donation is tax deductible. Thank you! 

Here is a list of items we need:

Exam table - with no stirrups
Paper rolls
Scale for weight 
Blood pressure cups

Wall clocks (3)
Coffee maker
Tea pot (electric) and supplies

Chairs (desk and lobby, staff room)
Recliner, arm chair
Lamps, desk and standing
Rugs (area small)
Coffee table (quiet room)
Tables (staff room, corner tables)

Small sofa (lobby and quiet room)

Radio CD player

Window covers

Wall art

Office supplies, pens, paper clips

File cabinets

Plants (medium to large)
Plant stands
Potting mix
Flower vases

Waste baskets (7)

Literature/brochure/pamphlets holders (clear plexiglass)

Vacuum cleaner

Coat rack

Refrigerator (small bar frig)

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