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Safely disposing your used syringes is incredibly important. Taking used, potentially-infected syringes (the vector for viruses to travel from one person to another) from circulation is one of the ways SEPs slow the spread of infectious diseases, such as HIV & HCV. You can always get sharps containers from us and drop of used syringes by coming in during our open hours (Tuesday-Saturday 2 to 6 pm) or by arranging a delivery from us. We have sharps containers in the following sizes: 8-gal; 2½-gal; ¼-quart, and FitPaks which hold about 10 syringes.

If you prefer, you can also make your own “sharps” container:


  • Use puncture proof containers, e.g. hard plastic like liquid laundry detergent bottles, coffee cans, etc. (2-liter soda bottles are not hard or thick enough – syringes can poke through them; glass can break).


  • Use containers with a small opening on top and a cap or lid that screws on is best to prevent spills.


  • If possible, write on the container: Biohazardous medical waste or sharps container and/or Danger.  Any or all of these words will do.


  • When the sharps is full, tape the lid closed.


  • Contact SANE to pick up the full sharps container or take it to your county disposal site (see below)


If you get stuck with a needle (accidental needle-stick injury):


  • Squeeze the area where the needle point went into the skin – try to make it bleed.


  • Let the blood run out of the opening for a few seconds.


  • Clean the opening with rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol) or hydrogen peroxide.  You can buy both of these at the local grocery store or drug store; they only cost a few dollars.


  • If you think the syringe that poked you may have been used by someone with a disease or infection, call anyone at SANE or a local hospital or emergency room.

Sacramento County Disposal Sites

North Area Transfer Station

4450 Roseville Road 

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday 

8:30 am  - 4 pm      

Sacto. Recycling & Transfer Station

 8491 Fruitridge Road 

Friday & Saturday

8 am – 5 pm

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